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LED wall pack with photocell 120W with super bright leds


LED wall pack with photocell 120W 5000K with Dusk-to-Dawn photocell 16200lm Wall Pack Light Commercial 600W HPS/HID Equivalent

LED wall pack lights with photocell 120W

  • ☘ 120W Led Wall Packs rugged uses aluminum alloys waterproof IP65 body. As a result, it can be very shatter resistant and handle wet weather conditions. It is suitable outdoor LED Wall Light widely for buildings and outdoor areas.
  • ☘ LED Dawn Wall Pack Light Fixture with high quality chips. And it gives the highest luminous efficacy 16200lm with only 120W power consumption. It is the top choice for replacement of 600-840W HPS/MH bulb high intensity discharge complete fixtures.
  • ☘ Outdoor automated dusk-to-dawn LED Wall Pack lights With Photocell Lighting OFF at sunrise/daytime and light ON at sundown/night saving over 80% on your electricity bill 120W Wall Pack Light no UV/IR light, impact resistant, lightning protection system.
  • ☘ LED Wall Pack surface mounting with J-BOX easily instal enhance the security. It is expected to take five minutes to install one Wall Pack Lights widely used for for garden, house, garage, driveway, patio, deck, yard, stairs, etc.
  • ☛ Warranty for 5 years ☚ If you have problem with our led wall pack light or if you want to seek warranty, please contact us , we will further assist you

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