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LED Parking Lot Lights

Exterior LED Parking Lot Lights Buying Guide

A visitor’s experience with an establishment always starts in the parking lot.It is important to have good quality light within parking because, whether it is a business or a public institution, it speaks volumes about the establishment.Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between how well lit a parking lot structure is and the standing of one’s business or establishment. If a parking lot is well lit, then drivers and pedestrians can easily navigate and feel safe. When a parking lot is lit poorly, however, the opposite occurs, and your crime rates and accidents will increase.

So have you ever considered installing exterior LED Parking Lot Lights in your outdoors? If yes, then blindly go for it! It’s a worthy investment, significant energy savings, and better light as it does not take any time to start. It’s a much safer source of light, which reduces the maintenance cost also. Make a difference by selecting the right light for your parking lot. Numerous LED lights are available with various wattages, mounts, features, etc.

In today’s post, we have created this guide to help you choose the right led parking lot lights for a Parking lot.

What are LED Parking Lot Lights?

Parking lot and area lighting is the most common term for outdoor lighting designed for parking lots, driveways, and pedestrian pathways. Therefore, you will find this form of exterior lighting typically mounded on poles. Consequently, the primary purpose is for providing illumination for vehicles and pedestrians. It is not unusual to see different fixtures with various mountings on a single pole.

Which Kelvin Color to Choose for Parking Lot Lights?

A exterior LED parking lot lights can be purchased in a variety of colours. 

3000k – Warm white color is the best color for all areas of house and restaurants.

4000K – Natural white light, also known as sharper light that duplicates the daylight. Most suitable for business or any workplace.

5000K – White light, known to be best for illuminating the large outdoor spaces.

5700K – Daylight white light is best to illuminate the larger spaces with a high ceiling as these spaces want to draw lots of attention and uniform illumination.

What are the various styles of Parking Lot Lights mounts?

LED lights are mounted in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most popular parking lot pole light mounting options.
Slip Fit Mount
Arm Mount
Flood Mount
Yoke Mount

What is a photocell in a parking lot light?

A photocell is a dusk to dawn sensor that ensures the light turns off during the day. It is commonly used for LED Street Lights. In standard voltage, it’s normally a three-prong blue cap on the top of the light, whereas in high voltage, it’s a yellow cap. To use with a timer or on-off switch, a black shorting bypass cap can be used to bypass the photocell. For additional features, NEMA also allows for 5 and 7 prong models.
The photocell is a dusk to dawn sensor that ensures that the lights are only turned on at night. The photocell is not needed when using a digital timer that accounts for daylight savings and the time of year. It might be a good idea to use both for simple timers, as the photocell will still save energy and money.

Cost of Installing a Parking Lot Lights:

The cost of installing exteior led parking lot lights is broken down as follows.

Each pole would cost $500 to mount the light at first.
A lamp’s estimated life (in hours) is 50,000.
The light will be turned on and off for a total of 12 hours.
The lamp will set you back $200 to replace.

Reasons to Use ECLEDMALL LED Lights in Parking Lot

The Advantages of LED Parking Lot Lighting:

1.It Is Safe

Imperfectly illuminated Parking lots can be dangerous for everyone. Like various crimes in homes, unpredictable driving accidents can occur if the parking lot is not perfectly illuminated. Having LED pole lights in your parking lot will make people feel safer and visitors more likely to stop by. It’s easy to illuminate the parking lot by installing parking lot lights with high lumen output. It will make the parking lot safer and brighter and will also work great with CCTV.

2. Performance of Light is Exceptional

The LED lights have bright light providing high efficiency. The distributed light is even and uniform, making it more efficient and lighting up the area perfectly. LED lights are flicker-free and glare-free, ensuring the vision of the driver or pedestrian is not compromised. Hence, the performance of LED lights is excellent.

3. Long Lifespan

It offers lower costs for maintenance and energy. These are the long-lasting lights with a life-span of 50,000 hours, which means you do not have to worry about 5.7years for replacing your parking lot light even if you are using the light for about 24 hours of the day. Because of its longer-lifespan, you will not have to replace them as often as HID lights.

4. Reduce Maintenance Cost

Since the LED lights have a longer lifespan, the maintenance cost is decreased. You will not have to frequently change the LED lights; thus, it decreases the replacement cost.

5. Saves Energy

They are 70% more energy-efficient than HID, allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy costs. LED lights convert 95% of the energy consumed into the light. 5% of life only gets converted into heat, managed by the system of internal heat dissipation of the fixture, which keeps it cool.
For instance, you are using 1000W LED light for the parking area and it is turned on 12 hours a day. The daily cost of the LED light will be:

1000W x $0.12 / 1000 x 12 hours = $1.44

While the monthly cost will be $43.2. Keeping this example in mind, you can say it is a better option as it will save energy and will reduce energy bills.

6. Can be Used Outdoors

The LED lights are versatile and can be used in all types of environments. This is because such lights are waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The LED parking lights have a water-tight structure, making them a suitable option.

7. Stylish

The old boxes can’t keep the view of the place new and inviting, it may not matter in the back of the warehouse, but if it is installed in the retail and other areas crowded with the visitors, it matters a lot. Upgrade the view of your location by installing the new and appealing LED Pole Lights.

8. Easy To Manage

No maintenance for years? Yes, please! No need to change the ballasts and swap out the bulb. You can focus on specific areas and have the option to revitalize or dim them. Numerous reasons are there for changing the brightness of the lights. For example, you will have to follow the municipal lighting guidelines or decrease light pollution. Can’t you ever be this flexible with the HID lights!

9. Damp/Wet Location Rated

Durable housing, IP65 Waterproof, Resists Rust, corrosion, Cracking,perfect for any damp or wet locations. Hollow out heat sink design make the shoebox led weight lighter and have better heat dissipation.

ECLEDMALL offers you the best LEDs for all purposes, especially exteior LED parking lot lights. We can illuminate your parking lot perfectly with our LED Area or shoebox lights. We offer the best possible competitive market price, expert design, and top-rated lights.


In conclusion, we can see the tangible benefits of upgrading parking and area lighting with LED lights. Business owners can expect to see dramatic reductions in energy costs (40% to 60% is a realistic expectation), less frequent maintenance costs, and an overall uptick in lighting performance. To learn more about upgrading Parking Lots for your organization contact ECLEDMALL team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learn about other outdoor lighting applications that benefit from LED retrofits, such as wall packs, barn Lights, and solar lights, Grow lights fixtures.

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